Update on Marketo Engage Email Verification and Uniqueness Rollout

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

In the May 2022 release notes, Marketo Engage first introduced the new Email Verification and Uniqueness feature. In April 2023, the continuation of email verification and uniqueness rollout will be executed for remaining Marketo Engage subscriptions. You can find more information about email verification and uniqueness here

NOTE: An update for SSO user email verification was announced in November 2023 here


Why was this feature introduced? 

Marketo Engage is continuing the rollout of Email Verification in preparation for migrating customers to the Adobe Business Platform, including user migration to Adobe IDs. This feature enhances the security of existing Marketo Engage user accounts. To ensure a Marketo Engage user is associated with the proper Adobe ID, existing Marketo Engage users must verify email addresses. A Marketo Engage user must have a verified email address to be migrated to an Adobe ID. If a Marketo Engage user does not verify their email address, they cannot be migrated to an Adobe ID and will lose access to a Marketo subscription after the user migration for the subscription is complete. Verifying a user email does not result in the issuance of a new Adobe ID. In the future, subscriptions will be migrated to the Adobe Admin Console, and users will be assigned Adobe IDs at that time.


What is changing? 

Upon rollout to a subscription, most users will receive an email requesting them to verify their email address. Once a user's email address is verified for a subscription, it remains verified. If a user belongs to multiple subscriptions, they will only be prompted to verify their email address once, which will apply for all subscriptions they are a user of.  


When a new user is invited to Marketo Engage, upon login via the Welcome Email link, their email address is verified. When a user or an admin updates a user’s email address, the user will need to verify the new email address.  


An ‘API Only’ Marketo Engage user is not required to verify the associated email address.  All other users will be required to verify their email address, regardless of SSO usage or not.


Note: Only one user account can be associated with a single email address. If there are multiple user accounts associated with a single email address, Marketo Engage will require the conflict to be resolved and present all the user logins associated with the email address and resolution options upon user login. The user is presented the following options: 1) Use the current email for the current User Login ID; 2) Use a new email for the current User Login ID; 3) Delay the decision until next login. 


Users who do not verify their email will not lose access to Marketo Engage or experience any change in product workflows at this time. When subscriptions begin user migration, only verified users can be migrated. When user migration completes, any unverified or unmigrated users will lose Marketo Engage subscription access. 


What user action is required? 

The action required of the user is to click on the link included in the verification email. If the user cannot find the verification email, it can be retriggered from their Account Setting page. 

Note: If there are multiple user accounts associated with a single email address, the user will need to choose one user account to associate the single email address with. If they want to continue using the other user accounts, they will need to specify a different email address for each account. 


Note: An active user session is required for Email Verification success. Please sign into your Marketo subscription using your Identity Provider (IdP) url. Once a session is established, navigate back to your inbox and verification email and click the "Verify your email address" link in the email. 


What admin action is required? 

All admins (users with the Admin role) are required to verify their email address. Additionally, if a user reports an issue with receiving or confirming their verification email, a Marketo administrator can retrigger the verification email. If a user does not verify their email address, after user migration is complete an admin can no longer retrigger email address verification or manage the user. 



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