Marketo Engage Email Verification Update for SSO Users

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Earlier this year, Adobe Marketo Engage activated email verification on customer subscriptions. Upon initial rollout, SSO Only users were automatically verified. Marketo Engage has revisited the requirements for users, and now all users must verify their email address, including previously verified SSO Only users. In order to ensure all users can receive the invite when migrated to an Adobe identity, this change is required. Most customers will see SSO Only users prompted to verify their email in February 2024.  Their existing email address will be marked as unverified until they take action. Effective immediately, all new users (regardless of SSO or nt) will be prompted to verify their email.


An active user session is required for Email Verification success. Please sign into your Marketo subscription using your Identity Provider (IdP) url. Once a session is established, navigate back to your inbox and verification email and click the "Verify your email address" link in the email.  The verification email can be resent by an admin in the User & Roles tab, or by the user in their Account Settings. Like user invitation emails, the link in the verification email will expire in 3 days.


More information on email verification can be found on Marketo Nation and in the email verification documentation 


Note: Only one user account can be associated with a single email address. If there are multiple user accounts associated with a single email address, Adobe Marketo Engage will require the conflict to be resolved. More information can be found inthe email verification documentation



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