Sample Questions for MCE Exam: Admin & Operational

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There are not that many practice questions out there for the new MCE exam. I took the ones from the study guide and wrote about 100 or so additional of my own to help my team study. If the list of topics wasn't enough for you, this should be a good way to get extra practice. I will just add a caveat that these questions were written based off the study guide topics before I actually took the new version of the test, so the list of topics in the previous blog is slightly more accurate as far as reflecting the actual material.

Let's start with questions on the Admin & Operational topics.

QuestionAnswersCorrect Answer
You need to comply with US spam legislation. Which of the following subscription management approaches is the most commonly used?a. Opt-out
b. Opt-in
d. Double opt-in
You need to comply with Canadian spam legislation. Which of the following subscription management approaches is the most commonly used?a. Opt-out
b. Opt-in
d. Double opt-in
You need to comply with European spam legislation. Which of the following subscription management approaches is the most commonly used?a. Opt-out
b. Opt-in
c. Double opt-in
You wish to track the activity of people who visit your website. Which of the following technical setup steps helps you do this?a. DKIM
b. SPF
c. Landing page CNAME
d. Branded tracking links (Email CNAME)
e. Munchkin code
Which of the following differs when importing a list of leads directly into a program (as opposed to importing into a static list)?a. Program acquisition
b. List import mode
c. Import aliases
d. Field mappings
Which of the following is not a good use case for a data management campaign?a. Standardizing country values
b. Prevent duplicates from being created
c. Blacklisting competitors from getting emails
d. Stop emailing people who bounce multiple times
For which of the following types of email messages can the operational setting be used?a. Newsletter
b. New product announcement
c. Registration confirmation
d. Webinar invite
Which of the following bounces are categorized as hard bounces? (Choose all that apply)a. Full mailbox
b. Server unavailable
c. Spam block
d. Invalid email
Which of the following is not a benefit of using Marketo forms?a. Prevents duplicates in Marketo
b. Allows you to prepopulate data that you already have
c. Allows you to gather extra information over time instead of asking the same questions
d. Lets you have complete control over the look and feel of the form
If you wanted to only ask US leads for their state on a form, which functionality would you use?a. Hidden field
b. Conditional formatting
c. Field sets
d. Visibility rules
True or false: The easiest way to display your custom fields in another language is to change the form locale.FALSE
Which of the following cannot be edited in a form?a. Submit button text
b. Error and validation text
c. Social button text
d. Label text
Which of the following is not an option that you can choose for a follow up page after someone fills out a form?a. Stay on page
b. External URL
c. Landing page
d. Close window
You have three mandatory fields that you want to always show on your form and 5 additional fields you want to ask over time. If you want to have a total of five fields visible to the user, which option should you choose for progressive profiling?a. Number of blank fields = 2
b. Number of blank fields = 3
c. Number of blank fields = 5
d. Number of blank fields = 8
Which of the following is not a way you can populate a hidden field?a. Inferred data
b. URL parameter
c. Cookie
d. Referrer parameter
If you intended to ensure that leads always used the same format when entering phone numbers on your form, which functionality would you use?a. Input masking
b. Hint text
c. Form validation
d. Tooltip instructions
Which of the following is a benefit of a global asset (located in Design Studio)?a. Program membership is automatic
b. Acquisition is automatic
c. Can be easily cloned
d. Easier to locate
What information can you edit within your landing page to improve SEO? (Choose all that apply)a. Title
b. Keywords
c. Description
d. URL
An organization wants to prevent over-emailing leads. Which functionality should they use?a. Audit trail
b. Remove from flow
c. Email admin settings
d. Communication limits
How does a marketer ensure compliance with international spam laws?a. Use a dedicated IP address
b. Implement a double opt-in process
c. Leverage the email deliverability tool
d. Configure branded links for international leads
It is required that US states be entered as a two digit abbreviation, but you want to display full state names in the form picklist. Which form editor feature should you use?a. Enable Mask Input in the field settings
b. Enable Form Prefill in the form settings
c. Use Progressive Profiling in the form settings
d. Use a different value for Stored Value in the field settings
What should be included in an email to help ensure deliverability?a. Images
b. JavaScript
c. Text version
d. Landing page links
A marketing manager recently launched a landing page with the following URL: The manager is keeping the page content the same, but wants to update the URL to How should this update be done?a. Edit URL Settings
b. Enable Personalized URLs
c. Open URL Builder in Admin
d. Generate a private preview URL
A marketer has a field on a form where a lead can indicate products of interest. The corresponding field in the CRM contains product codes, but the marketer wants to display the full product names on the form.
What should the marketer do?
a. Use a custom Visibility Rule to change the picklist items
b. Use Mask Input to change the display value of the picklist items
c. Use a different Display Value and Stored Value in the picklist items
d. Use Progressive Profiling to change the display value of the picklist items
A marketer wants to launch a new gated asset on a company website using a Marketo embedded form. Which functionality is used for Marketo embedded forms?a. reCAPTCHA
b. Form Pre-fill
c. Progressive Profiling
d. Suppress Competitor form fills
Which three steps should a marketer use to make an unsubscribe page appear in the readers local language?a. Update the individual languages and set your default
b. Create a smart list for language each preferred language
c. Create a segmentation for language with a segment for each preferred language
d. Create the content block on the landing page as dynamic, selecting the preferred language segmentation
f. Create the content block on the landing page as dynamic, selecting the preferred language smart list for each language

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing this!!

Just wondering, will they definitely ask about spam legislation in different countries? Or anything else country specific like this?

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Hi everyone,

I took all of Kristen Carmean's questions and answers, and put them in a free online practice test.

Just put in your name and take the practice test. When you finish it will give you a score and show you which ones you got right or wrong.

Let me know if you find any errors, so I can correct them.

Here's the test link.

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Thank you!


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This is great! I never totally understood the difference between adding people to a program rather than to a list–I always do list. What is the explanation for the answer?

Level 10 - Community Advisor

What is the way that you do display custom fields in another language?

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When you import members directly into a program, there is no option to select an acquisition program.  If the leads are new, they are assigned this program as the AP.  If they already exist (and have an AP defined), nothing will change.


When you imported leads into a static list - on the otherhand - you have the option to select any program as the AP.

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The answer is "Form Language" (which is why the answer is FALSE above) - which will automatically localized the form field labels on your form.  Form Locale is a subset of Form Language - and is used to adjust local dates/times:


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Hi Dan Stevens​, I changed Form Language from English to French (and locale also to French), approved and closed,  but the form field labels are not localized (to french).

As mentioned in the document Change a Form's Locale - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation,​ Marketo will only display dates/times in the correct formats according to the chosen locale.

Will Marketo really translate the form field labels ?