Tips for Identifying Bad Data – Identifying Records You Already Deleted

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

In a recent article by Jeff Coveney, he discusses steps to deleting bad data. Here are smart lists you can create to easily identify if a deleted record ever returns. Instead of creating smart lists you can also create weekly batch campaigns to add the records to a static list.

Smart List Examples

Deleted Records - Recreated via SFDC

• Based on Original Source Type is

Deleted Records - Recreated via Form Fillout

• Based on Original Source Type is Web form fillout

Optionally, you can base your smart lists on lead source, acquisition program, etc.

In this example, I created the smart lists in a new program in my data management folder but you can also add these smart lists to your master data management program.


Smart List Example



Remember to adjust the Advanced filters each time you add a new Email Address filter.

Here is a smart list you can create if you purchase records and periodically delete them and want to see if any ever reappear.

Smart List

Deleted Records – Purchased List: XYZ List


If a previously deleted record reappears in your system via a Form Fillout or List Purchase you can use the logic described above to create a batch campaign to automatically delete them from your system again.