Tips for Identifying Bad Data – Records without an Email Address from an Imported List

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

When working with clients I often see records from imported lists where the email address field is empty. The email address is often mistakenly imported into the incorrect column/field. Using a list import template and having a QA process will help prevent the issue from happening. But if it does happen, often weeks can go by before anyone notices and corrects the error thus losing the ability to follow-up and nurture the records in a timely manner.

Here are smart lists you can setup and subscribe to be alerted of an issue.

Missing Email Address - List Import (Created in past 24 hours): Set the subscription to this list

Missing Email Address - List Import (Created in past week): Use this list to investigate the issue

• Based on Original Source Type is List import

In this example, I created the smart list in my master data management program.

Smart List - Missing Email Address - List Import (Created in past 24 hours)




Set Subscription


That's it

Not applicable

Can we upload into MKTO for the missing email address and continually nurturing in MKTO? since some clients did not fill out their email address at offline event.

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If you have other identifying values that were imported, you can use the API to import and dedupe on another field. Or if the email address is another field, use Change Data Value. However, in the event of a bad import all your columns are probably messed up.