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Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

A sales-marketing coordinated approach to market solves the problem of reps having to blindly engage leads without understanding who to target and what to talk about. Sales Insight Actions provides the solution to help reps


  • Accelerate your sales inbound and outbound effectiveness with new sales actions layered with marketing insights
  • Improve personalization for customer experience teams with a unified view of all your sales and marketing activity data available in both Marketo Engage and CRM
  • Increase sales efficiencies with a native CRM experience so sellers can focus on a single pane of glass

In addition to the existing Sales Insight feature set in Salesforce CRM, once enabled with Sales Insight Actions – users will have a suite of sales engagement features available to aid them in their prospecting efforts.


Sales Insight Actions provides reps with multi-step playbooks, customizable email templates, an integrated dialer, and task management tools to facilitate meaningful engagement with customer and prospects, all within Sales Insight and all within the Salesforce CRM. These activities are also tracked in Marketo Engage and can be leveraged via triggers and filters to deliver holistic experiences across both marketing and sales touch points.   


Marketo Sales Insight Actions helps revenue teams turn insight into action ➡️ driving more personalized and efficient selling ➡️ ultimately driving more pipeline faster!


Sales and marketing teams have unique needs and approaches, which should complement one another. Turn insights into action with the ability to engage with customers and prospects from within the CRM through key channels like email and over the phone via an integrated dialer.




Multi-Step Sales Engagement Campaigns: Sellers can access to sales playbooks curated specifically for them. Leverage playbooks to execute meaningful engagements with customers and prospects within the context of sales insights and marketing intelligence with governance controls such as region-specific playbooks.



Send Sales Email: Personalize existing sales templates or send fully custom emails with personal sales signatures with reply tracking for greater insights into performance.


Integrated Dialer with Recording: SDRs & AEs even have ability to place sales calls to leads from the CRM panel.




Task Management: Sellers can keep track of follow-up actions and reminders for next-steps in a sequence with the ability to keep detailed notes to ensure consistent customer experiences across every interaction. 




Livefeed: All this information logged back to the CRM panel to further support rep insights and growth. And they’ll never miss a beat with sales insight live feed which can be docked on their screen!



Improve personalization with new marketing workflows: And because it’s a truly integrated and connected experience, all of this engagement data is captured in Marketo Engage and then that data can be used for continued marketing engagement and nurturing. Some of those filters and triggers include opened a sales email, replied to a sales email, received a sales call, and more.



And that's it! With Sales Insight Actions you can successfully align your sales and marketing teams so their messaging to your customers is consistent and customized every step of the way! 


This feature is currently in a phased rollout. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email sales-insights(at)adobe(dot)com to request access.

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