Multiple tracked links in Velocity

Level 10 - Community Moderator
Level 10 - Community Moderator

Little-known and therefore little-hated! this bug applies only to Marketos email-specific Velocity setup, and not to the language in general.

     If you mentioned it to someone whos built webpages (as opposed to emails) using VTL, theyd rightly look at you like youre crazy. And the necessary workaround also goes against every coding principle I’ve ever endorsed.

     In other words, please dont take any general-purpose Velocity guidance from this post, but do use the code for this specific goal.

What's the problem?

Even when you follow the prescription for generating tracked links in Velocity (namely, output fully-formed <a> tags from VTL, as opposed to outputting bare URLs and trying to plug them into <a>s in the outer email content) you still wont be able to output multiple tracked links in some common cases.

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