BONUS: The Nitty Gritty of Next Level Nurtures - Nested Content Programs

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee


Follow along as Marketo expert @Andy_Caron3 shares how to build a nested content program within an Engagement Program in Marketo Engage. 


Before sure to check out the full webinar, The Nitty Gritty of Next Level Nurtures, on-demand here.


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This was great information - I was taking notes when I saw this part of the webinar presentation.


Is there any ability to use this nested functionality with email send programs? 


I just went in to test this out in our instance and was unable to make it work when using our email send programs, the nurture just didn't let me add it to the stream. The majority of our email sends are sent with email programs and not default programs.


However, I did test creating stand up default campaigns and it worked great.

I created the "EM-Nurture" copy of the initial sent email within the original email program and used the default campaign to hold the "send nurture" smart campaign set to send the "EM-Nurture" and add recipients to the member group of our original email program.


I see that moving forward, I can create my email send programs nested under default programs. Is there a way that I can nest already sent email send programs under default programs?

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please someone correct me if I'm wrong, but you can only nest default and event programs in the engagement streams. You cannot nest an email program in an engagement nurture stream.

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Hi @Cathy_Fowlkes1 , as @Hayley_Sheaffer mentioned you can't nest an Email Batch program in an engagement program stream. It sounds like you were able to nest Email Batch programs within the Default Programs in your nurtures and can add people as members of that program moving forward, even though you're using a smart campaign to actually send the email long term. Is there a particular reason you'd prefer to nest the Email Batch program within the Default programs instead of simply sending from a smart campaign within a Default Program each time? It sounds like it's an unnecessary extra step? 


Unfortunately I've tried moving existing Email Batch programs into Default programs and I don't think it's possible.

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Hi @Meghana_Rao1 just noticed these replies.

I started using the default programs as a way to combine emails & activities associated with content on our site such as a blog.

For example, I wanted to allow both the nurture email for prospects & the general email blast we send to our subscribers to sit within the same campaign. 



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Hi @Cathy_Fowlkes1,

Except the A/B testing feature, I really can not think of a use case where an email blast adds value over a Default program. In the example you show you can quite easily set up one or two emails (depending on whether you have a segmentation based on which you can use dynamic content to adjust your email for subscribers vs prospects) and two separate smart campaigns to send your subscriber email with a batch campaign and be called upon by the Engagement Program. That would also mean managing program status updates for the one program only.