18 Fabulous Summit Sessions From Amazing Marketo Champions & Champion Alumni!

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

Be sure you sign up for as many of these 18 (2X more than at Summit 2017!!!) fabulous Marketo Technical & Foundational Techniques track sessions from our very own amazing Marketo Champions and Champion Alumni as you can:

  1. Analytics That Matter: Reports For Every Stage of the Funnel -- Jessica Kao
  2. AWSome Sauce: 10 Marketo Life Lessons From An Enterprise Org -- Joe Reitz
  3. Beyond Channels: What Else To Use To Capture The Data You Really Need (Workshop) -- Emily Thornton​, Jenny Robertson​, & Taylor Enfinger
  4. Cut me some Slack! Leveraging The Slack API With Marketo Webhooks And Bots -- Erik Heldebro
  5. Don't Get Lost In The Upside Down Of Your Sales Funnel (Workshop) -- Chelsea Kiko​ & Chris Saporito
  6. Email Deliverability 101: Winning The Inbox Wars (Workshop) -- Carmi Lopez-Jones​ & Kiersti Esparza
  7. Fearless Marketing In A GDPR World: Tips To Thrive Amidst New Regulations -- Michelle Miles
  8. From Nurture To Negotiation: Intelligent ABM In 2018 (Workshop) -- Rachel Noble
  9. How To Build A Marketing Operations Center Of Excellence (Workshop) -- Andy Varshneya​ & Edward Unthank (ETU)
  10. Infrastructure Down & Dirty: Architecting Best Practices In Marketo -- Edward Unthank (ETU)
  11. Make The Most Out Of Your A/B Testing: What Every Data Driven Marketer Needs To Know (Workshop) -- Jessica Kao
  12. Master Engagement Marketing With Marketo Engagement Programs -- Josh Hill
  13. Passing The Baton: How to Track Sales Follow Up On Your Marketing Leads (Workshop) -- David Da Silva​ & Mark Farnell
  14. Rolebased Metrics: The Right Report For The Right Stakeholder At The Right Time -- Veronica Holmes
  15. Skinning Schrodinger’s Cat: Fearless Marketing When You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know -- Jenn DiMaria​ & Juli James
  16. Smash The Data Silos: Use Marketo To Create A Single Source Of Customer Truth -- Courtney Grimes​, Eric Hollebone​, & Gary DeAsi
  17. Strengthening Sales & Marketing Alignment: Developing Real-Time Alerts with Rich, Actionable Insights (Workshop) -- Dan Stevens
  18. Web Personalization & ContentAI In The Real World: A Marketer's Tale -- JD Nelson

The number one thing we heard from you in your feedback from Summit 2017 was that you wanted more workshops! As you can see, we are offering eight of the above content sessions as workshops where you have the opportunity for a more intimate and interactive session with our most experienced speakers.

See you at the Marketing Nation Summit!

Level 10 - Community Advisor

Thanks for this! I'm so excited to see presentations from some of the Champions who I have been following on the Nation boards, webinars, blogs, videos, etc., for years!

When you say hands-on, do you mean that we should bring a laptop to actually go through the work? Or just that it's more interactive?

Marketo Employee

Amy Connor​, the workshop sessions will be interactive (audience participation, worksheets, etc.) but won't require your laptop (can't always count on the WiFi with thousands of people connecting!). I hope you enjoy these sessions.

See you there!


Marketo Employee

Another great, not-to-miss session is Mastering Complexity: Building Multi-Product Global Enterprise Environment in Marketo given by Champion Helen Abramova​. Her session is part of the Engagement Best Practices track.

Registration for Summit sessions open next week. Be sure to register for as many of these sessions as you can through the Summit registration portal. We also expect that the workshops, which can only hold 110 people, will go fast so, if you're interested in any of them, register as soon as you can!

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!