Cloning and Sharing Across Workspaces

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A colleague of mine put together a nice summary of how cloning and sharing works across workspaces, which I thought might be a useful guide to share.

What Assets Can I Share Across Workspaces?

You can share these items across workspaces:

  • Email Templates (found in Design Studio)
  • Landing Page Templates (found in Design Studio)
  • Models (found in Lead Database)
  • Smart Campaigns (found in Marketing Activities...but we really recommend not having standalone smart campaigns)
  • Smart Lists (found in Lead Database)
  • Segmentations (found in Lead Database)
  • Snippets (found in Design Studio)

How Do I Share Assets?

  • Determine what you want to be shared (e.g. Landing Page Templates)
  • Right click and select New Folder
  • Name the folder you plan to share
  • Move the assets you want to share to the folder
  • Right-click the folder and select Share Folder
  • Select the workspace(s) you want to share the folder with. Click Save.
    • The dialog displays the workspaces you have permissions to view.
    • The originating folder displays in the Lead Database tree with an arrow indicating that it is shared with other workspaces. From within the shared workspace, the folder displays with a lock to indicate that the contents of the folder have been shared from another workspace and are read-only.

How Do I Clone Assets Across Workspaces?

For assets that aren't templates, its best to clone them as local assets inside of a program. With the proper access level, you can drag and drop these assets into another workspace:

  • Programs (found in Marketing Activities)
  • Emails (found in Marketing Activities & Design Studio)
  • Landing Pages (found in Marketing Activities & Design Studio)
  • Forms (found in Marketing Activities & Design Studio)

How Do I Move Assets to a New Workspace?

To move assets to a new workspace, put them into a folder and drag the folder over to the other workspace.

  • Create a folder
  • Clone the asset to the newly created folder NOTE: Form names must be unique.  Append the asset name with the workspace name e.g. Content Form (UK)
  • Drag the folder to the appropriate workspace
  • Move asset to the correct folder within the target workspace
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Nice and helpful. Standard read for anyone looking into workspaces and partitions. I wish this was around when I first moved to workspaces. The information provided in understanding how to share assets can best instruct how us admins build out the workspaces and marketo programs to scale sharing programs.

That was a huge pain point that I had to learn the hard way.

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Can anyone describe, please?

Difference between Cloning a program and cloning an Asset.

What kind of assets can't be copied during the cloning of program or cloning of assets?  

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Well, cloning a program clones the program with all its assets underneath that program, and cloning an asset clones just the asset.


But the specific issue here is the cloning across workspaces, and that is a pretty delicate thing. Generally speaking: If you want to clone a program into another workspace you have to make sure that the target workspace has access to all entities that are used by the program's assets. E.g: If you want to clone a program that contains an email, and that email is based on a template, the target workspace needs to have that template shared. Same is true for landing page templates, snippets, forms and also Smart Campaigns mustn't reference items that are not available in the target.

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@Amod_Kumar_Shar, to give you some background, A program in Marketo is a primary container of all your marketing assets. You'd essentially create a Marketo program for your Marketing intiatives, operations, and almost of your needs. A Marketo program can have several assets like email, smart campaign, form, landing page, etc. within it which will drive your marketing inititatives.


As Micheal notes, when you clone an asset, you're clonning just an individual marketing asset to the target WS/Program, whereas, when you clone a Program, all the assets within the program will be cloned to the target place (along with the program setup, program tokens, etc.). In case the program is being cloned to a different WS, the taget WS should have access all the dependent entities for the program/assets being cloned (e.g., Email and Landing page templates in case of email and LP assets respectively, any external static list being referenced in the SC, etc.).


Also, Marketing assets (emails, forms, LPs, etc.) can be cloned to either an existing program in the Marketing Activities (in the same WS) or to the Design Studio.



On the other hand, the Marketing Programs can be cloned to a Campaign folder or an Engagement Program (except if the program you're cloning is an engagement program itself) in the same or a different WS.



Hope this helps, let us know if you have any questions. 🙂

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Thank you all for your effort. Got the answer.