October 1, 2020 Email Service Disruption

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

This document provides an overview of the recent service issue that impacted Marketo customers on October 1, 2020. If you are unsure if your instance was impacted by this issue, please contact Marketo Engage Customer Support at https://support.marketo.com.



When a license for the mail application expired, the application became unable to process inbound and outbound email. Unfortunately, the affected timeframe exceeded the retry period of the dependent systems. As a result, Marketo emails that were executed or scheduled for delivery on October 1, 2020, between 5:12 PM and 5:30 PM PDT would have failed. While processing has resumed, the emails that failed during the impacted timeframe would not have been automatically retried and will need to be rescheduled, if desired. To assist you in this process, this article will help you identify the leads that were affected by this issue.


How do I identify the affected leads?

During the affected timeframe, a Send Email activity would have been generated for a lead, however, there wouldn’t be any subsequent activities such as Email Delivered or Bounced for that particular email send (see screenshot below). These emails would have been unable to be delivered to recipients.




To find all potentially affected leads, you will first need to identify emails that are important to you and would like to resend. In the example smart list below, “Webinar Invitation” was identified as an important email that was scheduled to send during the affected timeframe. The smart list is filtering on all leads that have Send Email activities for the “Webinar Invitation” email but where no feedback activities (Email Delivered/Email Bounced Soft/Email Bounced) were generated.


screenshot 2.png


Now that you have identified the affected leads (if any), you can choose to resend the impacted emails to these leads via a batch smart campaign.


Another way to get a high-level overview of how many leads were affected would be to utilize an Email Performance Report. You will want to create one for the emails that you are interested in and set the date to October 1, 2020. For performance reasons, it is recommended to select targeted email assets rather than all emails under a specific Workspace. If an email has a “Pending Count” greater than 0, these emails were possibly affected, and the Pending Count would be the number of leads that were affected.


If you have any additional questions, please contact Marketo Engage Customer Support.