Champion Tips and Tricks for Marketo's Next Generation User Interface! (MEUE, for now!)

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If you have, or are about to have, the new the next-generation user interface from Marketo, you may notice things look different. To get started, feel free to check out this Blog Post, or this PDF, but the Marketo Champs are here to give you tips and tricks for navigating the changes. Huge shoutout to fellow Marketo Champs @ChristinaZuniga@Brooke_Bartos1 for the tips and tricks and the Adobe/Marketo team for their help answering some future release questions!


Ok, we have heard this a lot, we are all sad that it won’t be re-released until next year, but in the meantime, Marketo has made significant improvements to the 'move' function to make the loss of drag and drop less of an issue!

Top things to note:

  • You can now right-click on a folder and create an asset, and it will be created within the folder you right-clicked on, eliminating the need for you to move the asset to the proper folder
  • Right-Click 'move' has become significantly faster
  • When you choose to move an asset, you can specify which folder you would like to move it to inside of a program as well. Also, it’s easier than drag and drop when you have a big tree, so bonus points there!
  • Right-click cloning will not create the asset inside of the folder (sadly), so you will need to then move the asset by right-clicking and moving
  • Folders in the Design Studio can be moved within the same workspace, but not across workspaces at this time
  • Drag and drop in Nurture streams: There are two ways you can add nurture content to the streams without drag and drop. You can either add assets to the stream using the plus sign instead of drag and drop. (here is what that looks like):


  • or, you can right-click an asset and add it to the stream when you are inside the nurture program (here is what that looks like):
    Add Nurture Content2.png


Seeing some system errors pop up when you try to right-click?

System Error 1.png

This can be due to Chrome extensions, so try it in Incognito mode and see if you are still having an issue. If so, open a ticket as it may represent a bigger issue. If it does appear to work in incognito mode, then you may need to try playing with your extensions to determine which one is the culprit. And if you are able to pinpoint this information, this is still extremely helpful to Marketo support, so please open a ticket and pass that information along! Thank you 🙂

This is a short-term pain point, as this will be added in the next release on 10/16/2020, but you can no longer right-click a program and move it to an archive folder. So hang tight; you can always un-archive the archive, move the folder and re-archive (or wait a few weeks!)


All the icons look a lot different, check out the icon glossary in the next-generation UI document!


Struggling to find Marketing Nation? It and support are helpfully located under the Help drop down.


The superball is gone, but the navigation that lived below the superball is now conveniently located at the top as a Global Navigation menu. Another great upgrade is the resizable and collapsible tree with numerous usability & filtering improvements!


There is now the ability to do a global search from the top, and within your search results you can do extensive filtering (inactive triggers, ARCHIVES, etc!)

Marketo UI Global Search.png


Your Marketo instance URL no longer references the datacenter your instance is in (Ex: sj24), it now shows your munchkin ID. Save your datacenter information to your Marketing Ops documentation so you have a reference when checking Marketo is working on adding pod, munchkin, and prefix in a unified location that makes it easier to see and copy. They are aiming for this to be included in the January Marketo Engage release! Until then, save your info!
New URL:Marketo UI New Url.png


Old URL: Marketo UI Old URL.png



Adrian Fraguela (@adrianfraguela) created a Chrome extension that changes the color of the selected item to purple to help you see it better! As Adrian mentioned the newest version allows your sidebar to stay the width you resized it to!



When the new UI was rolled out for me, I had to re-approve allowing pop-ups. So if you try to open things and they just aren't opening, check your pop-up settings!



It seems that when creating reports in a folder, the report no longer automatically selects the program that you are in, so be sure to check your selection under the report settings!


Have any other tips, tricks or questions? Comment and we will help one another out!

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This is a fantastic blog post - @Kimberly_Galit1 !! You, Brooke and Christina gave really good advice and I am bookmarking it for when we make the switch. Thanks for taking the time to put this together!

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Absolutely extremely valuable post here! Save, bookmark, add to cart! Do everything with this! Thanks!

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This is a wonderful, extremely helpful post! Bookmarking this to reference when we switch. Thank you for your insights - @Kimbo@ChristinaZuniga , @Brooke_Bartos1.   

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Thanks for the mention @Kimberly_Galit1 😃and for the great tips!


P.S. The new version of the plugin (awaiting Google approval) now saves the width of the sidebar so that it doesn't keep reverting to the default width.

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thank you the office.gif


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What a surprise to come back from a three-day weekend and find Marketo got a revamp!

I miss drag and drop in the tree, glad to hear it will be coming back.

Almost as much, I miss the orange highlight of your active item in the tree. My company sends emails exclusively on importing lists, and the orange highlight was a quick way to double-check you were upload to the right list without closing the dialog box.

I've also been having issues with advanced filters on Smart Lists today ... trying to create one with the filter "1 and (2 or 3)" and it will. not. save. There's an "Auto-Save: error" up in the corner, but no red squiggly line. I know it's right, but it just keeps timing out my instance trying to save. Anyone else having this issue?

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Thank you for putting this together. It answers a lot of questions I had about the upgrade and I can prepare for when my instance is finally migrated! Especially the URL info. Thank you.

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If you download the Google Chrome extension we mentioned there will be a purple highlight! May help you out a bit for your quick-check for the list.


As for the filter logic not working, have you tried not using caps for AND or OR? In Sky, I used to have this issue so I'm wondering if that is happening again! Hope this helps.

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Another update - New Icons! Check out the Old UI to New UI Icon Glossary the Adobe team put together, very helpful!