Occasionally, you may open a form that you have never filled out before and suddenly; the form is already pre-filled with someone else’s information.  This is a result of someone else’s decorated/tracked link being passed to you.

There are essentially five ways this this behavior usually happens:

  1. If that lead decides to forward that email information, they are willingly sending an email meant for them to someone else. Marketo tracked emails are intended as direct to lead only(forward to a friend is on the road map).
  2. The lead replies to a campaign with a sales rep that was in the from address and the sales rep clicks the link in the reply
  3. Fill-out form or click link took place on a computer other than what the lead owns, that computer will have that leads cookie.
  4. The Marketo user copies a link from an email already sent out(customer replies) that contains tracking on it and pasted it as a hyperlink in a new email, then used that email to send it to other leads.
  5. If the lead blogs about the decorated link.

There are a few options on how to prevent this from happening:

Commonly the issue pops up internally, where a lot of testing goes on, the remedy for this is to make sure you’re clearing browser cookies between tests.

Don't copy links from email replies from customers into new Marketo emails.

On campaigns that have promotional values like a free "iPad" consider removing the tracking for that link as it may be shared, to do this add a class to the link of "mktNoTrack".

Additionally, you can Disable Prefill for a Form Field