Tasks created in Salesforce by Marketo are causing the Salesforce Storage Limit to be Exceeded

Issue: You are about to go over your storage limit in Salesforce.You noticed that the majority of the data that is using your storage is Salesforce tasks that were created by Marketo.


Reason: The reason for the huge number of tasks in Salesforce created by Marketo is usually because you enabled the functionality to have Marketo create activities to Salesforce. You can check to see if this setting is on in Marketo by going to Admin > Salesforce > Edit Sync Options. You will see the following:


User-added image




1. The first step you can take to stop Marketo from creating the tasks in Salesforce will be to uncheck the checkboxes in the above screenshot for the items that you no longer want Marketo to sync to Salesforce.


2. Once this is done, you will need to investigate solutions from the Salesforce side to delete the tasks in Salesforce that Marketo previously created.



Caution: You should always talk with your Salesforce Admin or Salesforce Support prior to deleting anything in Salesforce or using any Salesforce functionality that you are unsure how to use.

Two of the most popular ways to delete tasks in Salesforce are:

  • Use the built-in Mass Delete functionality in Salesforce. You can access this in Salesforce under Setup -> Administration Setup -> Data Management -> Mass Delete Records. Note: This option only allows you to delete 250 tasks at a time in Salesforce
  • Use the AppExchange Data Loader or Excel Connector tools. Contact your Salesforce Admin or Salesforce support on how to use these as Marketo does not support these tools. Note: This option allows you to delete up to 50,000 tasks at a time.