Syncing Between CRM and Marketo Outside of the Sync Cycle


An update made in the CRM is taking longer than expected to sync to Marketo via the usual sync cycle. You need to avoid this for some of the data being passed between the two systems.




Some delay in the sync is expected. It all depends on the current sync status, as well as how much data is being synced.


One possible workaround  would be to use API calls to push data into Marketo immediately. To make API calls into Marketo, you'll need to do the following

  1. Create an API Only User Role
  2. Create an API Only User
  3. Create a Custom Service for Use with ReST API


From there, you will be able to create API calls from your CRM and access API endpoints with this user to make updates in Marketo.  This method can also be used to sync data between Marketo and unsupported or custom CRMs. 

Note: You will need to work with a developer to create the API calls.  Marketo Support are not trained as developers, so if you need assistance creating your API calls, you will need to work with Marketo Professional Services instead.



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