Switch to Secured Domain but landing pages are still showing Mixed Content Warnings

Issue Description
After the switch to a secured domain (from http -> https), landing pages display both a broken format and mixed content warnings.

Issue Resolution
Make sure all links referenced in your Landing Page Templates and Landing Pages are secured, in other words served with the https:// appended in the front and not http://

Step 1: Open up Landing page with non secure warning sign

Step 2: On Google Chrome right click on the page that is displaying the warning and select "Inspect." On Mozilla Firefox it's called "Inspect Element." Look for any "Mixed Content" warnings.

Step 3: Find and address the links that are referenced in the error messages

**If the link that is unsecure is a custom CSS file, these files will need to be moved and hosted in a secure location so that the links are loaded over https.

Who This Solution Applies To
Customers with Secure Domains for Landing Pages Service