Set a Form Thank You Page


What happens when someone fills out form? Where are they forwarded to?

Check out how to configure it:

Edit Form

1.1 Go to the Marketing Activities area.





1.2 Select your form and click Edit Form.




1.3 Under Form Settings click Settings.



1.4 Scroll down to the Thank You Page section.

         Learn how to:


Stay On Page


The Stay On Page option will result in the person staying on the same page when the form has been submitted.

2.1 Select Stay On Page for Follow Up With.




External URL

The External URL setting allows you to define any URL as the follow-up page.

Once the user has submitted the form they will be directed to the URL specified.

3.1 Select External URL for Follow Up With.




3.2 Enter the full URL.







The URL can be that of a file hosted somewhere, if you do this, the "Submit" button will behave like a "Download" button.