Permission Error When Editing Email or Email Template


When creating an email or email template, you encounter the error "You do not have permissions to do this" in one of the following situations:
  • When you are creating an email template, you click on the Validate HTML button
  • When you are trying to save edits to an existing email




This error is most commonly caused by <script> tags in the HTML of the template or email. Email clients do not often allow <script> and Javascript in their Emails, so even though the email asset may be able to be approved, the email will present this error if attempted to be edited again or if you attempt to validate the HTML.

The solution in this situation would be to remove the <script> tag, including all Javascript, from the email HTML. After this, you should be able to edit the email or validate the HTML.

If you are unable to actually edit the asset, the workaround is to clone the asset.  If you clone the email, it can open in the editor and then you have the ability to remove the script. After this, the email will be good to go.



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