Newest MSI Version is Compatible With Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption

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Salesforce has recently introduced Shield Platform Encryption which encrypts a set of standard fields across various page layouts. Some customers with Marketo Sales Insight (MSI) installed have been experiencing issues when enabling this encryption. The Marketo development team has upgraded the MSI package and launched a redesigned version (version 1.4359.2) that is fully compatible with Salesforce’s Shield Platform Encryption.



How to identify potential issues

When trying to enable Shield Platform Encryption with an older version of MSI, Salesforce will send you a failure notification email.

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The notification email will read:


“Encryption enablement has failed for the following fields:

Account.Account Name:

Apex Class: BestBetsViewEditRecreate_Controller, line 1234, column 38: encrypted field 'Name' cannot be filtered in a query call

Apex Class: BestBetsViewEdit_Controller, line 1234, column 38: encrypted field 'Name' cannot be filtered in a query call

Apex Class: MarketoAnalyzerController, line 8, column 21: encrypted field 'name' cannot be filtered in a query call

See this page for information about why enablement can fail:


Thank You,

Salesforce Developers”


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If you receive this email, you’ll need to upgrade to the newest version of MSI.



How to identify your MSI version

The newest version of MSI that is Shield Platform Encryption compatible is Version 1.4359.2. If you currently have an older MSI version installed and enable the Shield Platform encryption, you will be affected by this change and need to upgrade to the newest version of MSI.


To check what version of MSI you’re currently using, navigate to Admin > Sales Insight, then look for the Version info in the Status box in the middle of the page.


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Where to get the newest version of MSI

The newest version of MSI is available now on the Salesforce AppExchange and you can find it right here: Marketo Sales Insight - Prioritize sales leads and close deals faster - Marketo - AppExchange



How to know it worked after upgrading

Once you’ve upgraded your MSI package, you’ll be all set! However, there’s an easy way to verify and be sure that it’s working properly with the new Shield Platform Encryption.


After upgrading MSI, when enabling the encryption you will receive another notification email from Salesforce, but this one is your confirmation email that it was successful.


This success confirmation email will read:


“Encryption has been enabled for the following fields:

Account: Account Name

Contact: Name


Thank You,

Salesforce Developers”



Where to go for more information

If you have any trouble with this along the way, here are some resources for you to get help.


Marketo Resources


Salesforce Resources

Salesforce has information available online to help you with their Shield Platform Encryption.


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