These directions show you how to create a profile with access to Sales Insight while removing access for your other profiles.  These instructions assume you've already installed the Sales Insight AppExchange package.


Create a new profile

If you have a dedicated profile for your Sales Insight users, you can skip this step.Otherwise, you should create a new one now.  Go to the Setup page and pick Administration Setup -> Manage Users -> Profiles in the menu.  Then click the New button at the top of the page:

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Next, pick a profile to clone and give the new profile a name.  Click Save when you're done:
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Edit profile permissions

Go back to your Profiles list.  For each profile, you'll need to edit it by clicking its Edit link:
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On the edit page, you'll need to change a few settings.  For profiles allowed access Sales Insight:
  • In Custom App Settings check Marketo to make the Marketo app visible
  • In Tab Settings, change the Marketo tabs to Default On
  • In Custom Object Permissions, check Read, Create, Edit, and Delete on Marketo Sales Insight Config if the user should have access to the config settings
For those that should not have access to Sales Insight:
  • In Custom App Settings uncheck Marketo to hide the Marketo app
  • In Tab Settings, change the Marketo tabs to Tab Hidden
  • In Custom Object Permissions, uncheck Read, Create, Edit, and Delete on Marketo Sales Insight Config
Click Save when you're done with each one.

Changing views

Next, you'll need to create a new view for your Sales Insight profile. These instructions describe how to set up the Lead page; repeat the steps to set up your Contact, Opportunity, and Account page layouts.
Go to the Setup page, then pick App Setup -> Customize -> Leads -> Page Layouts and click the New button.
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Clone your layout of choice and give the layout an appropriate name like Sales Insight Layout.  Click Save when you're done.


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Follow the instructions in the Installation guide for configuring the lead detail page.Installing the Marketo Sales Insight AppExchange packageGo back to the Page Layouts section and click the Page Layout Assignment button.
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Click Edit Assignment

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Select your Sales Insight profile, then select your sales insight layout from the Page Layout to Use pulldown.Click Save when you're done.
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Repeat these steps for your Contacts, Opportunities, and Accounts page layouts.

Other Changes


Here are some other places where Sales Insight items could appear.  You'll have to remove them outright since you can't use Profiles to limit access to them:
  • Remove Sales Insight buttons from Search Layouts for Contacts, Leads, and Accounts
  • Remove Sales Insight columns from Contact and Lead lists

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