Lead/Person Fails to Trigger Smart Campaign


Issue Description

A lead/person completes an action that should trigger a Smart Campaign, but the campaign does not trigger.



Issue Resolution
If you have Workspaces and Partitions set up on your instance, some leads may not be available to some campaigns, due to workspace and partition restrictions. When a workspace only has access to certain lead partitions, leads in other partitions are unable to trigger campaigns in that workspace. So if Workspace 1 has access to Partitions A and B, leads in Partition C cannot be included in any campaigns for Workspace 1.

To resolve this issue, you would need to change the restrictions that are preventing the leads from being able to trigger campaigns in a particular workspace. These can be changed by going to Admin > Workspaces & Partitions > Edit Workspace (with the appropriate workspace selected).

Who This Solution Applies To

Customers who have Workspaces and Partitions set up in their instance.