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Market Support is here to help you with your issues in the quickest and most effective manner possible.  In order for us to do that, there are a few things we really need from you before you click the submit button to create a support case with us.


First, have you searched the community for a solution?

The best kind of support case is the one you don't have to submit.  The Marketing Nation Community is an expansive site with a lot of content.  Have you checked Product Docs or Support Solutions for a resolution to your problem?  Have you checked to see if there is a community discussion thread that covers your question?  The Marketing Nation community is a 24 x 7 customer resource and a quick search for a keyword and phrase maybe all that separates you from a solution to your problems.

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Second, what's the best way to reach Marketo Support?

Marketo Support offers a variety of ways to reach our support team.  Depending on your issue, some of the support channels might be better suited than others.


Please be aware that only contacts from your company/organization that have been identified as an authorized support contacts or authorized support administrators can submit cases to Marketo Support.




Marketo Support (Support)

The Marketing Nation Support area features a case submission application that allows you to select your case priority and also select what the Case Issue and Sub-Issue is.  These selections allow our automated case routing system to assign the case to the available support engineer that can best assist you.


Spark customers can submit cases through the support portal only