Disabled Audience error uploading Facebook Custom Audience

Issue Description

When attempting to import an audience through the Facebook Custom Audience integration an error is received with a variation of the following error text:

"error_code": 1870068,

"error_summary": "Contains a Disabled Audience",

"error_message": "Contains a Disabled Audience: This ad set was paused

because it contains at least one audience that was disabled. Disabled

audiences were shared by accounts that are no longer active. To fix this issue,

remove the affected audiences: <affected_audience_names>"

Issue Resolution

Facebook allows for audiences to be shared across multiple business managers. In the past, if one business manager was disabled after sharing an audience, the remaining mangers would still have access to that shared audience. Facebook made a policy change December 11th, 2018 which has removed the ability to access those shared audiences owned by disabled accounts.

To resolve this error, the disabled account must be reinstated by Facebook or an alternate audience with an active Facebook account must be chosen

Who This Solution Applies To
Clients Utilizing Facebook Custom Audiences