Can RTP campaigns be blocked by Ads or Javascript blockers?


Basically no. RTP campaigns are like any other page element and cannot be blocked by AdBlock tools or browser configurations.


How do AdBlockers work?

AdBlock tools scan any web page the visitor is visiting and hide any elements with keywords like %ad% and %banner% (see a full list below) in the class name or ID.

(very rare scenarios:) If you will use a DIV with name or ID that includes one of these keywords - the div will be blocked and get the CSS attributes below, and the RTP campaign won't show up.

This also happens if the DIV you use is wrapped by a div that have this kind of class name of ID.


CSS Attributes that cause the div to be hidden:

display: none;


visibility: hidden;

orphans: 4321;


How to check?

To verify this is the issue use a different browser (without AdBlocker) or pause the AdBlocker in your browser.


How to workaround?

The fix is very simple -  ask your web team to change the div ID / class name or use a different div for your RTP campaign.

Javascript Blockers

When you install javascript blocker tool on your browser you can define your white list - a list of domains that you want to allow running javascript on your browsers.

If the visitor enabled this option for RTP and Munchkin will work properly, otherwise RTP and Munchkin will be blocked by the JS Blocker.




  1. Tested on this Chrome AdBlock tool
  2. AdBlocker keywords: