Aggregating/summing two score fields


You have two new score fields (for example: 'Implicit score' and 'explicit score') and you're wondering if there's a way to sum/aggregate these scores together for all records within Marketo.


To aggregate different score values together within Marketo, you should first create a third 'sum' field meant to capture the aggregate of the two scores. (Example: 'sum score')

Now, we have 3 scores: Explicit Score, Implicit Score, and a Sum Score


First, setup the scoring smart campaigns for implicit and explicit score as you normally would.

Once those scoring programs are setup, add the sum score field to the flow of each respective campaign, increasing that score by the same interval that you increase the implicit or explicit score by. This should allow the scores to aggregate over time.

Example 1

"Implicit Scoring campaign:

Trigger: Visits web page 'x'
Flow: 1. Change Score [Implicit score] Change: +5
          2. Change Score [Sum score] Change: +5

Explicit Scoring campaign:

Trigger: Fills out form 'y'
Flow: 1. Change Score [Explicit score] Change +10
          2. Change Score [Sum score] Change +10

Final result if a record runs through both campaigns > Implicit score: 5, Explicit score: 10, Sum score: 15"

In the above example, the sum score flow step is simply added to each respective explicit/implicit scoring campaign, with the same change interval applied. Once applied to all relevant scoring programs in the instance, the sum score should continue aggregating the two scores into the sum score field.

If you're increasing both explicit and implicit scores within one campaign instead of separating out by score type, you could also accomplish this with the same logic and instead adding the summed score interval within that same flow, for example:

Example 2

"Scoring campaign:

Trigger: Person is created
Flow: 1. Change Score [Implicit score] Change: +3
          2. Change Score [Explicit score] Change: +4
          3. Change Score [Sum score] Change: +7

Result > Implicit: 3, Explicit: 4, Sum: 7"


Potential Alternative solutions:

1. Have your SFDC/CRM Admin create a workflow within the CRM which sums the two fields as they sync. This requires the score fields in question to be synced to the CRM.

2. Call a webhook, which will keep the aggregate in line with the individuals each time it's called. This would be a custom webhook implementation that Support cannot assist with.

Sources for alternative solutions:
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