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Consultant needed

Kind folks,

my team is deploying a new Wordpress-based website and we need some help in setting up the back-end integrations for one more complicated instance (triangulation with a product download platform). Where do I go to find someone who is technical enough? And what title/skill should I be looking for?

(I know there's a Marketo experts list, but I can't seem to be able to message them directly- any advice?

Thanks much,

dana sandu

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I would move this discussion to Job Opportunities​, that will get you more traffic.

Also you cannot message other users if they are not also following you, but you can vote for the idea here:

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Re: Consultant needed

To expand on Devral, this "About Community" place is for feedback on the Community website itself (i.e. feedback to the webmaster, essentially). So that's why you won't hear from the user community here.

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Re: Consultant needed

i'd look for marketo consultants on launchpoint. Most of them have some backend expertise to do this work.