Workspace level field permission

Workspace level field permission

On large scale deployment, it may happen that some fields should be edited only from some workspace and not from others.

Use case 1: We need to create some fields that could be used by a local workspace because we need to handle some country / market specific information. Other workspace do not need these fields but these fields just add to the complexity of the interface, drives errors (wrong field selected, or field unduly updated)

Use case 2: We want to set up a process that is global to the whole DB, so we set it in the global workspace, but we would like to make sure that the values are not edited locally. So it would be great if the fields could be editable in one workspace and not in others/

So we would need the possibility to tell Marketo that some fields can only be viewed and/or written from specific workspaces. When a field cannot be written, it means that it cannot be added to a Change Data Value flow step, cannot be mapped on import and cannot be edited in the lead detail screen. If it cannot be read, it means that it is simply not present anywhere in the UI.


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