Why do we have 'starts with' and not 'ends with' in the Email Address filter?

Why do we have 'starts with' and not 'ends with' in the Email Address filter?

I'm running a spring cleanup of data, one of them is finding the right county for leads who have an empty country. Logically I would like to do this by email extension (.uk .nl .de). Only, this option isn't offered by Marketo. Too bad!

The 'contains' option is not sufficient. For example .ar (argentina) also includes all .army leads. 

If anyone has a good idea, please share! Marketo, please add 'ends with' for the email adress filter.

Ciao! Heleen
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May be add a 'not contain' .army to your query?

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Similarly, I created an idea for wild cards for this issue. It might be easier to add "Ends with" as an option, though.

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This is a problem for us too! We would like to remove Canadian leads from our lists (.ca domains), but the contains filter doesn't work for us because we do want to target California leads that often have .ca in the email address (school email addresses).

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Adding "end with" option could have multiple useful applications.

For example I would like to implement two different campaigns based on evens and odds booking numbers: with this option "end with" available it comes easy by extracting the last number.

@Marketo, Why not?

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If that's all you need it for, you can use my hack for “Ends With” and email domains for this purpose.

Matching digits in numbers isn't the intent of a string match filter, however.  Languages don't do string matching unless the value is first coerced/converted to a string. It's ridiculously inefficient! Try it on a SQL database, comparing

   CONVERT(VARCHAR,yourfield) LIKE '%1'


   yourfield & 1

Also, as I noted in your other thread, the only way the odd/even matching results in 50/50 buckets is if you are guaranteed to have no gaps across your entire population. There are better ways to do round-robin or random bucketing.

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