View Settings - Design Studio > Images and Files

View Settings - Design Studio > Images and Files

The default view in [Design Studio > Images and Files > is sorted by File Name (ascending order) which cannot be configured.

There are many reasons why it would be great to be able to configure the default view or have option to choose another view setting (like can with lists).

Our reason is that we would like to have Default View set to be sorted by Last Updated Column (descending order) so that naming convention of latest files can be seen by those uploading new files and followed. Since files cannot be renamed after they are uploaded and the view is sorted by File Name and the files that first show don't follow naming convention this is contributing to our Images and Files area becoming very messy.

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Hi Kara,

Good time waster. Added here Just do it! Marketo so-called minor missing features

We would also need the files and images to be sorted by image width or image height (for the images, of course).

And we would also need this view on file to be filtered (by type, file size, image width or size, etc...)


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