Use SFDC Third Party License Management feature for MSI

Use SFDC Third Party License Management feature for MSI

Controlling Licenses for Sales Insight in a large org is really painful. You need to duplicate all profiles that may use MSI, then duplicate all lead/account/contact/opportuntiy page layouts and assign them to the duplicated profiles and finally assign the duplicate profile to the users who should be using MSI.

We are rolling out Marketo in a 700+ sales with local user admin, and getting the count of MSI users for internal billing will just be a nightmare.

Other packages you roll out in Salesforce can benefit from the License Management App (see LMA (License Management App)).

It would be great if MSI could also benefit from this technology from SFDC.


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How about MSI gets an upgrade so people stop asking about Yesware and similar tools aimed at Salespeople?

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I Agree, there a full field to be investigated here. All the more so as some direct competitors are focusing more and more on helping Sales doing a better qualification and a better priority management. e.g. Pardot.


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Couldn't agree more.  MSI needs a serious overhaul - especially when deploying/using it in large organizations in multiple countries.

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I also agree, using profile and page layouts to control access to MSI is a real headache and needs to have managible licenses or give better options to control access via permission set etc. Would also like to see better reporting options to measure adoption.

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This is exactly the reason I'm looking into something like Yesware. There are certain capabilities that just aren't available in MSI, making the email tool pretty much useless for them, unfortunately.

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Agree with everything said here and I wish I could upvote this 10 times. MSI licensing is brutal to roll-out, maintain and get correct. Worst of all, it affects future unrelated work in SFDC. Each time there's something as simple as a field addition to any of the objects/profiles MSI touches, admins have to take extra steps to keep the system in order.

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