Updated At Field


Updated At Field

We are pushing data from Marketo into a redshift database however the updates get pushed every 6 hours and is looking at the updated at field in Marketo. This field does not get updated when a custom field is updated only when a standard field is. We are now having to turn off the Marketo integration to push SFDC data to redshift which is more up-to-date.

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The internal updatedAt does get updated when a Marketo custom field is updated. I think you need to look at this more deeply on your side.

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I've done some testing via the Marketo APIs and I am seeing that updating a custom lead field DOES change the internal updatedAt timestamp, but only if a different value is written to the custom field.  If I overwrite the custom field with the same value that is already present in that field, it appears to be interpreted as a no-op on the Marketo backend, and the updatedAt timestamp does NOT change.  So updatedAt appears to be the last timestamp when lead fields actually changed to a different value, not solely when an update operation was performed on the lead.  At least that is what I am observing.


It would be helpful to know exactly what causes updatedAt to change, because we also have integration that depends on this field for data synchronization.  We use Stitch to replicate leads to Snowflake for analysis, and we are seeing that some changes are not replicating; so, we're trying to figure out why some changes don't get replicated, while others do.