Datetime fields filtered by time in a Smart List

Datetime fields filtered by time in a Smart List

Currently, Datetime field types in general (including lead fields and not just custom objects) are limited to be filtered in a smart list by date and not including time.

We use a custom object for our webinar (through a webinar provider). Within the custom object there is a field called "Registration Date". It has a "type" as "datetime" When I view an object I can see the time stamp. However when I run a smart list based on the webinar object fields, I am unable to use the "time".

Our use case is that we want to capture true no-shows for a webinar so we need to be able to filter people from the time the registration date within the object. So if the webinar started at 9:00am on 4/15, we would do a Smart list filter to say give me all leads who registered before 9:00am on 4/15/19 and have no views of the webinar. Those are the true no-shows.

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I have a similar use case. If a user registers for a webinar after it has already started (our webinar provider supports this), we want to send the user a different set of emails than someone who registered ahead of the start time, not just the day (specifically their login access link, rather than a calendar file)