Update API for GoToWebinar Integration

Update API for GoToWebinar Integration

Recorded (simulated live) webinars from #GoToWebinar currently do not integrate with MKTO because the Launchpoint integration between GoToWebinar and Marketo does not utilize version 2 of the GoToWebinar API and v2 is required for recorded (simulated live) webinars.

Recorded webinars are super beneficial for reusing content and/or having the same webinar run at different times so more people can attend. I need Marketo to be able to pull attendee data from GTW so that they can get into our follow-up programs.

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Any update here? We are in a contract with GTW for the foreseeable future. It would be amazing if this was updated. 

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Does Marketo have this on their roadmap? The lack of a full E2E integration is very problematic for Operational build.