Trigger: Added to smartlist

Trigger: Added to smartlist

This could be helpful in optimizing your lead database.

Let's say you have a smart list of Bad Fits that run off of @domains in the Lead Database.
And a smart campaign that marks everyone in this smart list as Marketing Suspended.

It works well when a new lead is created, but what if you add a domain to the smartlist? You have to manually run the campaign, then add the triggers back in.  It would be ideal (and efficient) to have a trigger that says Added to Smartlist. (and one that is Removed from Smartlist). 
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With a smart campaign/smart list intentionally designed to real-time query the database, I think that this could cause system limitations to be reached/maxed based on how many times you would be auto-starting it.  Are you using segmentations at all?  Because you could leverage that their segmentation changed from let's say Prospect to Competitor which then could FLOW a step to DVC all the people with the domain of to be Marketing Suspended.

In theory I agree with the idea though - it is almost like we need admin level triggers that adjust other components based on changes noted.
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Hi Brigid, 

Great idea on using segment changes for these triggers.

I do use segments for assigning open opps or customers to the various owners, but using that for Bad Fits is a great idea.

But I certainly would love admin control triggers!
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