Tokens using Program Member Custom Field values

Tokens using Program Member Custom Field values

Extend the functionality of the Program Member Custom Field (PMCF) values to be used as Tokens within the content of an email/landing page.


Example 1: You capture a value for an ad-hoc field (like number of accompanying guests, preferred time to call) and want to put these details in a triggered confirmation email reconfirming form field values.


Example 2: A specific value per person needs to be added to an email (field/value is not part of normal CRM sync). Risky to add this to a 'burner'/temporary field at the person level, so imported into a PMCF field to limit risk of other programs referencing this field and value then added to email as a token.

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Is there an idea out there to also extend program member custom fields and program My Tokens to be used as trigger tokens when a smart campaign uses a Program Status Changed trigger for items such as interesting moments?