Testing mode for smart campaigns and programs

Testing mode for smart campaigns and programs

Currently, when we want to test a Smart campaign we have to clone it and then edit all wait steps (change them to 2 minutes), change the filters to select a test list, change the setting to "every time" and schedule it.

It would be great if we could have a test mode for a smart campaign that would do all this in 1 click and no error. When switching the SC back to normal mode, results would be erased and lead history erased for leads in the test list.

Ideally, this would be done at program level, and all the smart campaigns in the program would be automatically set to test mode. When moving back to normal mode, all program membership would be reset.

This is to reopen an old idea that has only be delivered for Nurturing programs and can non longer be voted for :


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Pardot has this capability!

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I agree, this capability would be great. Thanks, Louise

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This is one of the (very) few areas where Pardot can genuinely claim an advantage over Marketo.  The ability to see on a canvas how a campaign will work visually would really make design, testing and production of complex campaigns easier.  Especially with choice steps and request campaigns.  Not only would it help users, but it would bring to life the presentation to teams and execs, rather than the lucid charts we have to prepare ourselves.  I do think it's a challenge though, because as soon as you get beyond a few flow steps/choices/requests, you can end up with a very complex chart, so this would need some careful thought to execute properly across all use cases. Wouldn't want to lose the option of building the campaigns in a linear fashion though.

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