Tag Specific Links as "CTAs" for Deeper Reporting

Tag Specific Links as "CTAs" for Deeper Reporting

It would be ideal to be able to tag the specific link(s) in each email as the CTA for the piece. This would be especially helpful when combined with more advanced reporting/deeper dives into email performance (Unsubscribe to CTA activity, etc.)

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Couldn’t you use the id of the <a> to simulate this?

<a id="cta-something">‍‍
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Agreed with Sanford--why not use the existing link ID setup? I do something in a bit of reverse where I assign all of an email's standard links (logo, social icons, whatever) a specific link ID prefix so they may be screened out for reports, Smart List triggers, and so forth. There's an appropriate link ID constraint on anything involving clicks.

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Hey guys, absolutely! Thanks for bringing this up. I think this solution would work well for a centralized marketing execution team with more technical folks to ensure that it's done correctly. What I was hoping for with this 'idea' is to have a more marketer-friendly out of the box solution within the tool itself, like a checkbox or something similar next to the link tracking. This way it would be a more seamless experience.