Supporting Google Calendar for "Add to Calendar" token

Supporting Google Calendar for "Add to Calendar" token

As many prospects use Google Mail, having an additional "Add to Calendar" token for Google would be great. Currently, "Add to Calendar" does not support all calendar formats.

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Also include option to add a reminder to the .ics file. 
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This need is becoming more and more prevalent as organizations use Google for their calendar option.

Currently, a user has to save the ICS file to their PC and then import it into the Google calendar. This is an unnecessary step and my guess is only a small % of people know how to do this anyway.

Bring on Add to Google Calendar token.

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Has anyone heard when this will be added?  i get asked all the time why does our add to calendar not let people add to their work google calendar.

I believe it affects our webinar attendance rates since they have to manually add to their calendars - and how many people do that??

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We also have the need for an add to calendar that works with Google calendars.

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Any update on this? Many customers are using Google Calendar and having the native functionality, as opposed to third party tools and integrations, would be highly beneficial to our operations. 

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