Smart List of Who Will Actually Get an Email

Smart List of Who Will Actually Get an Email

Currently, the audience box of an email send program helpfully shows the total leads and the number blocked as clickable smart list links. However, it doesn't show who is actually expected to get the email (leads minus blocked).

In my opinion, the actual audience is just as important (or more important) than the other 2 numbers and should be added to this view as a clickable smart list.

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Very odd that this isn't included in the Audience window, but it definitely should be.

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To work around this we have a "Contactable Segmentation", which files anyone unsubscribed, marketing suspended, etc., under a "Blocked" segment. Then we just filter them out of the smart list in the first place. It would be nice if being able to see qualified, mailable leads as a smart list was built into the system though.

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Hi Grant Booth​​ I like that workaround and will need to use it going forward. Our sales team has recently requested to see lists of who is expected to receive targeted emails before they go out and that seems like the best approach for now.

It's fairly straightforward to add the segmentation to the smart list in most cases, but things can get a bit complicated when the smart list already has several advanced filters in place.

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