Fix RTP asset image URL 'lazy' validator

Fix RTP asset image URL 'lazy' validator

The text input field for the image associated with a Rich Media content asset is for some reason limited to URLs explicitly ending in DOS-style filename extensions (the kind which, in older times, were conventionally associated with images; e.g. ".jpg"). However, not every image URL on the internet ends in ".jpg".  Databases and CDNs, for example, may serve images at perfectly valid image URLs that don't end in ".gif" or ".jpg".  The MIME type, file header, or 'Content-Type' HTTP header should instead be used to check that an image is an image.

For example, this is a perfectly valid image URL:

Marketo, can you please fix the image URL field validator for RTP content/assets so the image is validated based on whether it is an image, instead of whether the URL ends in ".jpg"?

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 2.12.13 PM.png

As seen above, your very own asset list displays the very images it simultaneously declares are invalid.

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I totally agree it.

We are using some CMS, so our image files need URL Parameters.

Marketo, please update to remove the validation rule of "Image URL" as soon as possible.

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This has been added and completed in our Fall release as of Dec 15, 2017. You can now add these URLs that will be recognized as the image files in Predictive Content Rich Media and Email.

Thank you for the feedback

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Status changed to: In Production