Show which of my discussions are Solved

Show which of my discussions are Solved

Per this Discussion:

I would like to further suggest that when viewing one's profile the discussions show which are marked as "solved" status or not.
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Hi Geoff,

In this community the person who posts the discussion has the option to make it as answered. Unfortunately not as many people use this feature. The good news is there are widgets in our new community (launching soon) to highlight answered and unanswered questions. This will help get the unanswered questions responded to faster hopefully, and it will hopefully also encourage the author of the post to mark an answer as correct. Otherwise it will remain in the unanswered questions widget.

I hope this sheds some light on what's to come, and it is much easier in the new community, hopefully make it more widely adopted. 

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This appears to be solved now when you go to "Your Content".

The discussion shows as a green checked off bubble instead of an open blue question mark.

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