Send to Campaign/Remove from Campaign Flow Steps for Ad Bridge (LinkedIn, Google, Facebook Retargeting)

Send to Campaign/Remove from Campaign Flow Steps for Ad Bridge (LinkedIn, Google, Facebook Retargeting)

With the new Ad Bridge integration, we can now easily push a group of leads that are part of a Marketo list to a remarketing campaign. This is a great step forward but it still only automates part of the process. There is still a manual process required from the marketer to select an audience, click on "Send to Ad Bridge," select some campaign options, and initiate the campaign.

The evolution of this, in my mind, is to create flow steps to allow you to add or remove leads from Ad Bridge campaigns within Marketo Smart Campaigns, in a fully automated, "lights out" fashion. This allows retargeting to be deployed in standard automated workflows as easily as we send a triggered email today.

There are many use cases. Here's one example to re-activate non-responding leads as part of a drip nurturing flow:


  • Day 1 - Send email one
  • Wait 3 days
  • Send email two
  • Wait 3 days
  • Send to Ad Bridge, Vendor = Google, Campaign = Non-Responders
  • Wait 2 days
  • Send email three

Or triggered off of late stage behaviour....


  • Trigger: visits pricing page
  • Filter: lead score is greater than x
  • Filter: lead status = MQL


  • Send to Ad Bridge, Vendor = LinkedIn, Campaign = Late Stage Promoted Posts

Or cutting your spend if a lead becomes a customer...


  • Trigger: opportunity closed won


  • Remove from Ad Bridge, Campaign = ALL

Many different possibilities.

This seems like the next level of integration, so that highly targeted remarketing ads become part of the same automated toolkit as emails, tasks, text messages, mobile push notifications, etc.. All part of the vision of dynamic and intelligent one-to-one marketing at scale.

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Agreed. I asked about it at Summit but it sounds like it's a phase II thing. I believe it's on their radar though.    

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I need this badly! Anyone know the latest on this?

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This is marketing automation software isn't it? It seems to me a no brainer that this would be included in flow steps. Does anyone know if this will be possible soon?

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Let's gooo. Any update on this in 2018? Seems like a meat and potatoes type of function.

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Does anyone know is there are any external tools that can be used to automate this? i.e. Zapier or similar? thanks

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Any update on this request? It's been 4 years...

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Would be great to have this feature. Any update?

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It boggles my mind that this isn't automated yet (this idea is 5 years old!).  Especially when we want to do more non-email focused nurture flows.  This is a perfect example where one of the casts in a stream can push leads into LinkedIn Audiences without having to manually do it from a smart list grid.  

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Our company would find this very useful too! I hope Marketo is prioritizing this.