Segmentation Feature: support In Past and In Timeframe constraint on filters

Segmentation Feature: support In Past and In Timeframe constraint on filters

If any of you have read the following product document on segments: Define Segment Rules - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

you will find that:

Segments currently do not support In Past and In Timeframe constraints on filters. That's because segmentations only check for updates when a change data value is logged.  These values are not logged for things that change automatically, such as formula fields and dates.

The above problem could be solved if a Change segment flow step was created.  Then, we could trigger or schedule segment changes based off of formula/date fields in smart campaigns.

Let me know what you all think or if you have any comments.


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Like it, but I think this should be accompanied by a Segment Member Type field (Automatic or Manual) because if any lead can be forcibly added to any segment, it would be impossible to unravel why someone who looks like they should be in Default is mysteriously in another segment (without looking at individual ActLogs), right?

I also wonder what happens if someone who's been flowed into a segment later matches a non-Default filter -- do they switch segments? Or do they stay put?

Also, as a workaround, can't you flip a flag in a flow step? (Assuming you had to find the affected leads via batch anyway.)

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All for the segment member type, get what you are saying and that will make troubleshooting much easier. 

I would say they switch segments.  If you have time constrains in several different segments under one segmentation, I would say you would need to control the entire segmentation via smart campaigns.

Yeah, you could create a custom field and do that, would prefer not to create fields though.  


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