Segmentation - Based on SFDC Type

Segmentation - Based on SFDC Type

We recently learned that the use of SFDC Type in segmentations is not supported.  We have discovered segmentations rely on data value changes in order to move from one segment to another within a segmentation.  Therefore segments built that call on sfdc type are only correct when they are first built and the quality degrades over time.  Using type in segmentations is hugely helpful when SFDC contacts are being accounted for.  Would like this to be possible.  If it is not, this value should be removed from the filter, so a segment cannot be built in a way that leads to the wrong answer.

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I would like to learn more about your request to see if we already have a feasible solution for you. Please reach out to me directly at

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Hi Marketo Team and Frank Passantino‌ - Is there any update on this after 2015. I've run into the same problem again where I want to use SFDC Type on Segmentation and I believe that the day has not arrived to fix it just yet.

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