RTP - Segment by NOT being on mobile

RTP - Segment by NOT being on mobile

tl;dr version:  Give a "NOT/EXCEPT" option when specifying mobile options when building segments.

Most other segment options in RTP give you the ability to say "everything/everyone EXCEPT the following" but the Mobile section of the segment builder only allows you to specify if they are mobile.  If you don't enable mobile settings, it pulls in both mobile and normal...but if you enable the settings it only looks for mobile excluding normal data.  There's no current option to say, "I only want non-mobile based data" in order to prevent content from attempting to be served to/tracked for mobile devices.

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Hi Jesse,

Thanks for the idea, you will be happy to know, that in our latest version release this month, we enhanced the Mobile segmentation options to include your request.

You can now select a segment and run real-time personalized campaigns to those prospects coming from mobile devices or NOT from a mobile device, or from a specific devices and Mobile Operating Systems.

Enjoy and don't forget to share with us your mobile or Non-mobile campaigns!

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Hi David Myers​,

You probably want to mark this one as "done"


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Status changed to: In Production