Request for TLS SSL to pass through postini spam filter

Request for TLS SSL to pass through postini spam filter

Hello, marketo emails get caught up in the postini spam filter (used by gmail and many companies) because they do not use SSL ("https" instead of "http" for images and links).

I reached out to marketo support and was told 
TLS SSL (the email encryption version of SSL) is not a product that you currently have as an option (Marketo has SSL for landing pages but that works completely different then the email version).

Is it possible to give us this option in the future? 

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Hi Lindsay,

We're working on a few enhacements that will improve our overall security/encryption story. First, we're currently working on building support for secure tracking links in Marketo emails (https instead of http). This will likely be an add-on, bundled with the secure landing pages feature. Second, we're investigating the establishment of secure TLS connections between our outbound servers and the recipient. TLS is not the email version of SSL, it is just the successor to SSL. You can think of TLS as having replaced SSL, even on the web.

On a separete I chatted with our deliverabity expert, who said not having https hosted images would not be a primary reason that a message would get blocked by the postini spam filter. The thinking is that something else must be going on with those messages. I would look into what else could be happening as that is likely not the reason for a message being blocked.

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Thanks for your response Justin, and please keep me updated! I appreciate it. 
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