View old email A/B test results

View old email A/B test results

The new email A/B testing feature has been helpful in streamlining the testing process, but I'm frustrated that I can't get the same level of email performance detail for each version, or go back to completed tests to see the versions that were sent out.

It would be great if completed tests were archived, so the tested versions (and stats associated with them) were still accessable.

In the mean time, does anyone have a work around for this, other than manually recording test results before you select a winner?
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Hi Jill, it's manual, but I take a screenshot before selecting a winner and then I upload that to a folder in our design studio, and put a link to the image in the email description. But it would be great if we could continue to see previous results!
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I know this is old, but we need this! Testing history is so important and there is no way to do it in Marketo right now. In addition to seeing old test results and archiving old test creatives, we need to be able to see when and for how long a test ran and the results. Even with tests that are active you can't see what date the test began, which is a little bizarre to me.

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