Remove from Flow and Member of Smart Campaign Improvement

Remove from Flow and Member of Smart Campaign Improvement

I'd like to see that when someone is removed from a Flow that they are actually removed as Members of the Campaign.

I do several irregular cadence drips with batch or Remove steps to exit out leads. But even if the lead is kicked out, it is still considered a Member of Smart Campaign. So when I run the Bad Exit batches on a daily basis with Every 30 days, I get a giant spike every 30 days of people I already removed once! Really throws off counts and has made any metrics nearly worthless because the leads keep getting removed even if they never re-entered.

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Hi Josh,


It could be an option of the "remove from flow" step.

And we also need to have a "remove from program" option as well, if the smart campaign belongs to a program.


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It could work more like Pause/Active Member of Campaign. so that filter now says

Was Member of Campaign or Member of Campaign=Removed or Active

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