Social Influence Report Documentation

Social Influence Report Documentation

The only report that the Docs platform has excludes any detailed information on Social Influence reports.

Even in this well established article, the Social Influence report is the only subsection that is not linked, nor has any supporting information anywhere:

Report Types - Marketo Docs - Product Docs

The idea is to create further documentation around this feature, and its supporting functions which contribute to the data it gathers.

Thank you Marketo Docs team!

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This would be so helpful! Especially since I couldn't we just added social to our videos on marketo hosted pages so no one has clicked anything yet, this report for me is empty. It's hard to train on something with no data when I have no documentation to show what it would look like or refer to.

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Sadly, aside from some LaunchPoint/AdBridge integrations, there hasn't been much in the way of any new enhancements/innovation in terms of social capabilities - either natively, or with the social boost add-on - since Marketo acquired Crowd Factory back in 2012 (Marketo Introduces First Integrated Solution for Social Marketing Automation (NASDAQ:MKTO) ).  Hopefully enough customers will voice their support of this so that Marketo dedicates resources to improving capabilities in this key channel for many of us.

Re: Anyone using the Marketo "Social Boost & Promotion" add-on? Is it worth it for B2B marketers...

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The only information I could find on the whole internet about this function is as follows:

"This report is generated when you use/add social buttons as local assets featured in the Marketo social suite to allow leads to share your content (e.g. the Social Button that you can create as a program asset contributes towards that report).

For example, if you put the Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter button(s) from Marketo into a newsletter page, that report can indicate how how many people shared this content via those channels, and how many unique leads (i.e. not in your database) it generated."

With only this image as the one supporting image of what the report actually looks like.


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I agree, it's weird that this is missing. I sent an email to as well requesting documentation. We don't use the social share buttons, but I'd like to know what it does! I'm studying for MCE and want to make sure I know everything!

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Wish I could vote on this twice! I've been looking for info on this report for quite some time.

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Its a mystery at this point. If you find anything through the web, please link here!

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The Docs team is researching this now.

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Any Updates on this?

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Believe it or not, I have checked with everyone I could find on this. The team that built it is long gone, and nobody here knows anything about it. It's still on my list of tasks, however. If anyone out there is actually using this report, please reply to this thread or reach out to me directly at Thank you.

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