Pop-up alert when a change is made to a scheduled Smart Campaign

Pop-up alert when a change is made to a scheduled Smart Campaign

We recently had an incident where a member of our team made an accidental change to the Smart List in a Smart Campaign which had already been scheduled to run. This resulted in a localized email going to the wrong audience.

It would be great if there could be a pop-up warning when a change is made to a campaign already scheduled or a requirement to go back to the Schedule tab and check the leads the campaign is going to affect.

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I agree.  And I think this would be aligned to the "audit trail" idea: https://community.marketo.com/MarketoIdeaDetail?id=08750000000HGi3AAG
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add'l safeguards are nice, but your team has to be trained to not touch things they didn't build or were directly asked to manage. the Used By tab is good for this as is a good foldering structure.

The current system runs the smart list at the Scheduled time of execution, so the alert should appear on the Smart List just like it does on a triggered active campaign: Warning, Changes Impact XYZ.
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I think this should be part of an overall 'user management' upgrade Marketo should roll out.  I had a couple other related ideas a while back --


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